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Chill Zone

The Chill Zone is a place where our junior students come to work on homework and assignments. It’s always pleasing to see students being proactive about their learning and wanting to achieve the best they can.

It’s a friendly centre for chilling out, chatting and hanging out for all Junior Secondary students, a place where our new year 7’s or any new 8’s and9’s can drop in for any advice about their new school. If they don't feel comfortable in the yard, or just need to chill out, the Chill Zone is the place to be!!

Our main focus is to be able to provide assistance for our students who tend to slip under the radar as a result of poor time management and/or organisational skills. Our hope is that any student can come in and use the area to work on homework/assignments/study with teachers and leaders as peer tutors.

Junior Leadership

Our Year 9 Leaders are the backbone of many activities throughout the year, particularly in the Junior Secondary year levels.

Of the many important events they contribute to is the Year 5’s visit from our local feeder schools when they come over to experience high school for a day. Junior Leaders also assist with Orientation days later in the year for students beginning the following year.

The Year 9 leaders, along with our Year 12 leaders are integral to successfully inducting our Year 7’s into the College Teaching and Learning Framework each year. A fun, creative and engaging atmosphere ensures the Year 7’s walk away with a firm understanding of this framework.They are also heavily involved with peer tutoring in the Chill Zone during the year.

Junior leadership has proven to be a wonderful opportunity for students in Year 9 as not only is it a great thing to add to your resume, it’s a wonderful way to build confidence, teamwork skills and meet new people and lasting friendships.

Senior Leadership

Year 12 Student Leaders at St Michael’s would need to show some of the following qualities and attributes:

  • A keen desire to take on responsibilities and a strong drive to see tasks/projects through to completion
  • An ability to organize people for a specific purpose
  • Self confidence and a sense of personal identity
  • A capacity for originality and risk-taking when solving problems
  • A willingness to calmly handle frustration and delay and the stresses that arise between people
  • An ability to influence others’ behaviour
  • A strong desire to serve the St Michael’s Community in adherence to the College Mission
  • A keen willingness to support and work with the College Leadership Team

Student are required to answer a questionnaire and to provide four referees from teaching staff in their application for student leadership.