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Learning Enhancement and Activities Program (LEAP) is a response to develop and maintain a whole-school focus on literacy and numeracy. Teachers work in teams to deliver literacy and numeracy programs with a shared focus on and approach to literacy and numeracy improvement across the College.

Year 7 to 9 LEAP program

The LEAP program aims to developing strong skills in reading comprehension and in mathematics. Being able to read with understanding, to write effectively and to be numerate is critical to ensure your child’s success in learning. All students are tested in reading comprehension and specific lessons are dedicated to addressing problem areas revealed in those assessments.

As part of the program, students can get a sense of the ‘look and feel’ of the NAPLAN tests and to understand what types of questions are asked. In addition, thinking (three storey intellect), study and research skills are developed.

Year 10 to 12 LEAP program

While the focus is still on literacy and numeracy, the Year 10 program is aimed at allowing students to make informed choice of their senior pathway. Students are lead through a Senior Education and Training plan process that culminates in their selection of a pathway and the subjects or courses that will allow them to achieve their career aspirations. Study and time management skills are developed throughout the three years of senior in the program.

For those on a tertiary pathway the Year 11 and 12 programs incorporate specific practice on being ‘test wise’; being familiar with the format and structure of the Queensland Core Skills test and using appropriate strategies to achieve the best result. There are also opportunities for our learners to develop further the 49 generic common curriculum elements or skills covered in their academic subjects, such as comparing, analysing and expounding a point of view. Students on a Vocational pathway focus on the development of employability skills and literacy and numeracy for the workforce.